Battling the Holiday Bulge
Bikini Model Style

By Angelique Millis

Let’s face it- no matter what body type you have the holiday season poses so many temptations that it can be harder to resist than any other time of year. While the average weight gain between Thanksgiving and New Years can range between 5-10 pounds, it is important to make a conscious effort to maintain your weight this time of year. With round the clock errands, juggling a never-ending shopping schedule and organizing grand family meals, the hustle and bustle of the season can leave you spent and less likely to stick to your exercise program. The Bikini Model Program teaches you that it is not about deprivation but about learning how to manage your weight and make better choices while still enjoying the perks of this wonderful time of year. First off, Bikini Models don’t diet; they simply know how to balance their meals with their lifestyle. After all, what are the first three letters of the word “Diet”?  This is not about starvation; it’s about fueling your body with frequent meals and jumpstarting your metabolism! If you have let the holidays get the best of you in the past, you must be mentally prepared this year to face this tricky season. The first key to maintaining a Bikini Model lifestyle during the holidays and keeping those coveted flat abs is gaining control of your eating style and workout schedule.

Here are 5 Bikini Model Holiday Tips that will help you as you mentally prepare for this tempting time of year:

1) When at a party, look for healthier food options such as vegetable sticks (without dip), fruit pieces, plain chicken pieces, etc rather than doing a grab and run on all the unhealthy selections. You will be less likely to overindulge on these foods if you have already filled-up on some of the healthier items yet, you will not feel deprived or unsatisfied.

2) Schedule your workouts: Mark them on the calendar and set-aside time to complete them. With the Bikini Model Program you will learn how to train effectively in the comfort of your own home. Consider them as important as any other appointment or event you have marked on your calendar.

3) If you work in an office setting be prepared for the deluge of guilty treats your co-workers and other business associates will graciously want to share. Stash your own healthy snacks in your desk so you won't be tempted to overindulge when your grumbling stomach demands a 3:00 snack time.

4) Focus on socializing. Remember one of the great things about the holidays is spending time with friends and family. During get-togethers spend the majority of time sharing conversation instead of sharing desserts.

5) Watch the Alcohol: Avoid wasting calories on alcoholic beverages. The average drink contains 150 - 200 calories per glass. Indulge in just 2-3 drinks and you've drunk the equivalent calories of an entire meal. If you partake in these beverages, choose wisely. For example, instead of having a full glass of wine, try mixing half a glass of wine with sparkling water or with a diet soda. This will help cut your calories in half.

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