The Official Bikini Model Food Plan Formula

By Angelique Millis
Fitness Professional
Journalist & Lifestyle Program Developer

How do Bikini Models stay in such stellar swimsuit shape all year long?

It’s no secret- they eat breakfast like a Queen, lunch like a Princess, and dinner like a Peasant! This cute adage will keep you focused on how important it is to trickle down your calories through out the day!                                              

It’s the Bikini Model Food Plan Formula

Lean Source of Protein (4oz) + 1/2 cup to 1 cup of Fibrous Carb (1/2 if fruit, 1 cup if vegetable) + Whole Grain Carb (1/2 cup)

Follow this Formula, except at dinner, where you take out the Whole Grain Carb. Bikini Models™ take out the whole grain carb at dinner, because they are working with their bodies to burn off fat and build muscle in their workouts the morning after. If you were to eat that Complex carb at night, you would wake up with more carbs to burn off. Make sense?


This is the MOST important meal of the day! Skipping breakfast will not, and we repeat WILL NOT help you save calories. If you skip breakfast, you will only become super ravenous by mid day, and end up eating more than you should. Skipping breakfast will also slow down your metabolism, which you don’t want.

Mid-morning Snack

Urgent! Never wait until lunch to eat again after breakfast. You need to eat at a small mini-meal, protein bar, or a protein shake in between the two. Aim for 200 calorie mini-meals, or protein shake or protein bar to help you keep your energy levels high and your blood sugar levels regulated, and to fight off a huge binge at lunch!


Lunch is very important. Don’t forgo lunch, to help you save time at the office, or if you are running errands. If you do, you are setting yourself up for failure at dinner. You will end up eating the paint off the walls or whatever is in your sight by the time dinner rolls around if you forgot to eat lunch.

Late-afternoon Snack

This meal is crucial! The late afternoon time period is so tricky! It’s called your “Witchy-itchy” hour where you are prone to slipping! Don’t do it!  It’s when we have had a long day, our patience is running out, and are feeling the effects of all the days duties. Our office friend comes with a box of cookies from the bakery down the street, and we end up giving in! There is nothing that tastes better than feeling healthy and looking down at your flat abs and I promise you, if you ate a great big breakfast, had your mid morning protein shake, your satisfying lunch, you wont give in! Please make it a point to enjoy another protein shake, small protein bar, or a mini-meal to keep your hunger at bay and under control until dinner.

Dinner: Finally we are home, with our family and loved ones! Sigh of relief as we all gather together for a meal at home. Dinner is a meal to be enjoyed with our friends and family, but don’t over do it! Remember this very important key: focus on your lean source of protein and also your fibrous carb. Aim to focus on a steamed vegetable, such as broccoli, asparagus, spinach or a large green salad to keep the complex carbs at bay.

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