How to Create Effective Diet Habits

By Angelique Millis
Fitness Professional
Journalist & Lifestyle Program Developer

With so many diet fads and questionable diet supplements on the market, sometimes "the right thing to do" can become ambiguous and you can feel lost and alienated. I am here to share with you some of the industry’s top Success Principals that will help you create positive habits for LIFE and put you right on track to achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. While there is no magic formula that you can calculate that will guarantee you success in achieving your fitness goals, these key eating and “fit lifestyle” habits can mean all the difference between lean flat abs or a bloated belly. When done habitually, passionately and with patience and dedication, your body will react and respond to your new habits faster than you can say string bikini!

1) Nutrition 101

When’s the last time you took some time to truly examine your eating habits and nutritional knowledge? One of the most important things that any future Bikini Model can do for her health is take some time to understand the importance of nutrition. Sometimes people get so caught up with the exercise aspect of a Bikini Model Regimen that they forget how to supplement properly! Once you learn the power of protein, the best foods to eat and equally as important, what foods you must avoid you will have a much clearer picture of how you can use the power of nutrition to pave your way to flat abs, defined arms and a striking physique that you will be able to maintain for life! For example you should know the difference between “good” carbohydrates and “bad” carbohydrates. It’s actually pretty simple – stick with fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and whole grains. Another easy rule to follow: if it is white (white sugar, white bread, white rice, white potatoes) – it just ain't right!

2) Discover Discipline

Many women want a body that looks like it belongs on the cover of a fitness magazine but without discipline it remains a far-fetched dream. From my personal experience and weight loss, I know that anything is attainable if you can learn how to practice discipline. Just like any success principal, you must start small to build up your tolerance levels. By making the conscious decision to become more disciplined, you are taking a huge step towards your goal by "Doing" rather than "Dreaming". It is like a muscle that you must exercise daily and before you know it, you are doing it! Whether you have a weakness for sweets (like me) or just dread the thought of working out, the first step is discovering what is inhibiting you from your success and making daily mental notes and positive changes in your behavior.

3) What NOT to Eat

You’ve heard it before but I will say it again- if want to change the way you look and feel, stay away from fatty or overly processed foods. Remember “If it Ain’t on the Food Pyramid then it Ain’t Food”. Those with a nutrient poor diet or who consume a lot of alcohol or caffeine have more toxin accumulation than those who don't thus causing their body to hoard onto fat and appear bloated. A diet rich in fresh vegetables and very little red meat could help your reduce your symptoms.

4) Drink Water like It’s Going Out of Style

Lots of women have a hard time losing weight due to inadequate hydration. Doctors recommend that you take in seven to eight glasses every day, to help flush out toxins and other wastes, so if you are not a “water drinker” and have cellulite dimples you want to get rid of, buy yourself a refillable bottle of water to keep by your desk at work and drink up!

5) Food Journaling

Develop a good “food strategy” and keep your cupboards full of the right stuff so you can avoid temptation! If you have struggled with your diet in the past, try Food Journaling. This simple task can be incorporated into your daily routine and it will help you understand your relationship with food. Use this tool to help you break any bad eating habits you may have developed over the years and also equally as important, to recognize your efforts for a diet gone “right” as you progress on your journey!

Before you know it these habits will become second nature and you will be one step, and several inches closer to the body you are capable of achieving!

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