Get A Fit and Fabulous Bikini Model Lifestyle with The Bikini Model Program!

Are you Ready to Rock in 2009?
Get A Fit and Fabulous Bikini Model Lifestyle with The Bikini Model Program™

By Angelique Millis

As the year draws to a close, women all over the world will once again embark on their journey to a healthier and fit lifestyle.  After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season subsides, some will plan on making drastic changes in their bodies by dropping two or more dress sizes while others will resolve to lose those last stubborn five or ten pounds. Whatever your goals are, it is important that you are armed with the right tools to help you make your dreams a reality in 2009.

The Bikini Model Program™ , one of the most essential online fitness programs to date, has helped women all over the world achieve their health and wellness goals. Thousands of women have discovered how to lead a healthy and productive lifestyle and transform their physiques with the Dr. approved Bikini Model Program™

Here are some of the highlights of this fun and effective program:

• Enjoy exercising like a Bikini Model™- Get Max results in minimum time by working out smarter, not harder

• Eat like a Bikini Model™- Your body will perform with more energy, stamina and endurance!

• Look like a Bikini Model™- Not only will you turn heads, but you will break necks!
• Create a beauty regiment like a Bikini Model™-Your hair, skin and face look and represent the ultimate look of health!

• Learn how to banish cellulite forever- it is possible!

If you are looking for a complete wellness program to transform your life and take your physique to the next level, The Bikini Model Program™ will give you all the insight you need in an easy to follow and instantly downloadable guide.  Get the Bikini Model Look and learn the all the industry’s top beauty secrets in Chapter One: The Bikini Model™ Beauty Program:

  • The Bikini Model™ Beauty Essentials
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Tanning Guide
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Teeth Whitening Guide
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Cellulite/Stretch Marks Solutions Guide
  • The Bikini Model™ Shape Sculpting Secrets
  • The Bikini Model™ Cosmetic Procedures
  • The Bikini Model™ Lip Plumpers to Lip Injectables
  • The Bikini Model™ Hair Removal Guide
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Skin Care Guide & Deluxe Dermatology
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Hair Care Guide
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Make-Up Guide
  • Bikini Model™ Beach Ready- Selecting the Best Suit for your Body Type
  • The Bikini Model™  Ultimate Beauty Product List
  • The Bikini Model™ on a Budget

How do Bikini Models have those coveted flat abs, tight buns and toned arms? Find out what you need to do to get those cover worthy results  in Chapter Two: The Bikini Model™ Exercise Program:

  • The Bikini Model™ Exercise Attitude
  • The Bikini Model™ Weekly Workout Exercise Plan
  • The Five Essential Pieces of Bikini Model™ Workout Equipment
  • The Bikini Model™ Exercises Photos & Explanations
  • The 25 Minute Bikini Model™ Cardio Meltdown
  • The Bikini Model™ Hula Hoop
  • The Bikini Model™ Yoga
  • The Bikini Model™ Pilates
  • The Bikini Model™ Jump Rope
  • The Bikini Model™  5 Multi-Functional Movements
  • The Bikini Model™ “R&R” Formula

Learn how eat like a Bikini Model and rev up your metabolism while never being hungry in Chapter Three:  The Bikini Model™ Food Plan

  • Bikini Model™ Food Plan Formula
  • The Bikini Model™ Ultimate Grocery List
  • Foods that Bikini Models™ NEVER eat
  • Essential Bikini Model™ Supplements
  • Bikini Model™ Breakfast Choices
  • Bikini Model™ Lunch Choices
  • Bikini Model™ Snack Choices
  • Bikini Model™ Dinner Choices
  • Bikini Model™ Smoothies Recipes
  • Smart Snacking Bikini Model™ Style
  • Bikini Model™ Super Slimming Teas

Your time is precious. In Chapter Four: How to Budget Your Time to Achieve the Bikini Model™ Look, You will learn:

  • The Bikini Model™ Time Management Plan
  • How to “Create” Time by Setting Yourself Up for Success
  • How to Eliminate Time Zappers that Dilute Your Momentum and Focus
  • Top Bikini Models™ Tips and Techniques for Time Management
  • Bikini  Model™ On the Go

In Chapter Five -Frequently Asked Questions, you will receive an honest Q&A overview of the fitness industry’s top questions and answers, including:

  • Q- How Much Protein do I need?
  • Q-What type of Protein is the best?
  • Q- How much Cardio is enough?
  • Q- Do I do weights or cardio first?
  • Q- How do I get rid of Cellulite?
  • Q- How do I get rid of stretch marks?
  • Q- What is the best way to achieve that Bikini Model™ Tan?
  • Q- How do I safely get rid of water weight?
  • Q- Are soy products good for me?
  • Q- How do I get rid of that patch and that flab of skin under my belly?
  • Q- Will running help me look like a Bikini Model?
  • Q-How do I lower my body fat safely?

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