How to Maintain your Weight during the Hectic Holidays

By Angelique Millis

Did you know that the average American gains 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years?  With so many temptations everywhere you look, it’s no wonder “The most wonderful time of the year” is also coined as the prime season for weight gain. While the holiday season may not be the time to tone up and shed pounds, it is the ideal time to MAINTAIN your weight. This is the time of year when health conscious individuals take the right steps towards maintaining the physique that they work so hard for year round. Whether you have taken preventative measures to maintain your weight during the holidays in the past, there is no more perfect time to take those first steps towards a fitter and healthier you in 2009.

Don’t wait until after New Years to begin your transformation.

Learning how to enjoy your holidays in moderation is the key to weight loss success in the New Year. Unlike many may think, Bikini Models to not deprive themselves this time of year, rather they know the secrets to a healthy holiday where they can enjoy without overindulging. In fact, it is recommended that you enjoy your holidays (within reason).  Several studies have proven that people who keep a strict diet during the holidays don't find the season enjoyable and tend to be less motivated to set new fitness goals once the season comes to an end. With that being said, you need to arm yourself with this Bikini Model Holiday Survival Guide with the tools and techniques for a healthy holiday.

The Bikini Model Holiday Survival Guide:

- Enjoy a healthy snack before a big holiday meal. A cup full of carrot sticks, an apple or a handful of pretzels can be just what you need to curb the appetite, and they will leave less room for high-fat holiday foods.

- Eat freely in moderation. Sample the tempting foods on the holiday table, but in small portions. Load up the rest of your plate with vegetables and fruits.

- Stay active! The holidays are a time to relax but that doesn't mean you should be lazy. Take a brisk post-meal walk, enjoy outdoor winter sports like skiing and ice skating, or make time for a workout.

- Beware of liquid calories. With roughly half the calories of traditional egg nog, apple cider may be a healthier choice.

-Steer clear of large amounts of alcohol or soda, which will provide little more than empty calories.

- Drink lots of water. Not only is it important for helping you stay hydrated, it also helps you feel full - and stave off that second piece of pie.

- Only eat when you are hungry. Many people eat just because food is in front of them. Pause for a moment before that second helping and consider whether you truly feel full.

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