Hula Hoop Your Way to Flat Abs

By Angelique Millis
Fitness Professional
Journalist & Lifestyle Program Developer

Chances are you had a hula hoop as a child and you spent hours energetically swinging it around your hips! Little did you know in your tireless abundance of energy that you were doing what adults refer to as “cardio”. Hula Hooping can help you to reconnect with your inner child while you tighten and slim your body. Even Celebrities like Shakira and Beyonce use the hula hoop as a cardio activity!

Why Hula Hoop?

This has become popular form of exercise because it includes multiple elements that contribute a fun cardio activity. It’s creative, portable & provides both muscle toning and cardio. 

Getting Started

Begin by hooping for ten minutes twice a day -about as long as it takes to listen to three songs on the radio or your mp3 player -and then build from there.

Whittle Your Waistline

To get the ultimate benefits from hooping, it is best to do a hoop routine starting with 30 minutes three times a week, pushing that to 40 minutes until you can hoop for an hour at a time. The physical benefits of hooping are incredible and will whittle your waistline. In addition to strengthening your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles, this kind of shimmy provides an intense cardiovascular workout & enhances your coordination. The best part is that you put little to no impact on your joints!

Hula Hooping for Flat Abs

As many crunches as you can do, there is no other ab exercise that moves your waistline in a circular pattern. This simple and contrived motion allows you to move your hips & control your abs while keeping the hoop spinning, therefore it is very effective in helping you get flat abs and a toned bikini body!

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