Strong and in Charge
A Fitter Sexier, More confident You with the Bikini Model Program

By Angelique Millis

A woman’s most alluring accessory is not the little black dress she wears or the $500.00 Manolo Blahnik’s on her feet; it is her radiating confidence! While many women admit to have struggled with developing their confidence and self-esteem, several other women have discovered a influential secret to success and are now living out their lives feeling happier, self-assured and empowered!  The Bikini Model Program is the ultimate guide to building confidence and self esteem, two vital weapons every woman should be armed with in facing the challenges of life.

Is low self-esteem holding you back from being the enthralling woman you know you were born to be? Are you only dreaming of doing the things want to do in life but not acting on them?

Do you frustrate yourself when you don't feel like you can really go for it?

If so, here are a few Bikini Model secrets to help you recharge your confidence level:

Empower Yourself

You are greater being than you probably think you are. Take some time to assess your strong points, your skills and abilities and multiply them by 100! You are always your own worst critic so give yourself some credit- you are awesome!

Walk this Way

Take a day to examine the way that you walk. Do you take small, shuffling steps or fling your arms around when you walk? Well if you do, it’s time for some Vitamin C, and I don’t mean the Vitamin C you find in your morning orange juice!  It’s time for a burst of Confidence! You may be doing something sub-consciously that does not really compliment your style so now its time to be aware of how you walk. Be quick and energetic with a spring in your step.

The Smile behind the Eyes

Smile as often as you can and, if you can manage, let a tiny smile hang around the corners of your mouth. In all your interactions, look people in the eye, greet them and smile. You'll see the other person transform in front of you.

Be Empathic

Your confidence levels rise drastically when you successfully connect with people around you. You need to be empathic towards your family, friends and colleagues. Once you are able to help other people with their emotions and problems, you immediately increase your influence with your circle of friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge almost always boosts self-confidence. Bikini Models not only empower themselves with knowledge of their immediate surroundings but of the world around them. A good grasp of current events will make you sounds worldly and helps you strike up meaningful conversations.

Before you know it you can a source of empowerment for others!  

For more confidence boosting tips and techniques visit  to become a fitter, sexier and more confident you, one step at a time!

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