Strong Is The New Skinny!
Is The World Finally Catching On?

The world of fashion is always shrouded in controversy, and with ultra skinny models continually gracing catwalks around the world, it is easy to see why many fall into the trap of thinking eating disorders are the only way to be slim.

More recently, times have seen a slight shift in patterns with some models and celebs seeing the sexiness of a well toned body over skeletal frames. The fashion world is synonymous with skinny models and it seems that will never entirely change, but more and more designers are noticing that fit sells! And to see just how "strong" is in, visit

Victoria's Secret Models

Underwear is a sexy thing and no one does it better than Victoria's Secret! Some models such as Miranda Kerr waver on the skinny side but others such as Adriana Lima boast slim, svelte and toned bodies. No other VS model rocks underwear shoots like Adriana and her frame is small, while not too skinny, with feminine curves where they should be -- plus she personifies sexy thanks to her fit rather than skeletal body.


Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford and Elle Macpherson may all be out of the supermodel game but with 10 years on current models such as Kate Moss; they look fitter, healthier and dare I say it, younger! Heidi Klum is famous for her curvaceous, toned figure and it certainly hasn't done her catwalk career any harm while Naomi Campbell has a set of abs you can bounce a quarter off!

Bar Rafaeli and Giselle Bundchen are also famous names in the fashion world who both boast toned and svelte figures rather than the stick thin waif-like look and I am yet to meet a woman that would disagree about their success -- or a man who would disagree about their sexiness!

Celebrity models

Celebrities are obsesses with fashion. They live for catwalks and designer clothes that can be borrowed or bought for red carpet events around the world. Celebs are models, with many makeup and perfume companies choosing sexy actresses over skinny models to advertise their products to the world. Here are a few fit celebs who also model:

Scarlett Johansson
Eva Mendes
Liz Hurley
Halle Berry
Eva Longoria
Charlize Theron

From Dolce and Gabbana and Christian Dior through to Raymond Weil and GUESS, these fit, toned and hot actresses are just a small selection of women who model for some of the world's most recognized fashion names.

Although the catwalk industry may have a long way to go when it comes to catching on to how sexy a fit body is over a skinny one, other parts of the fashion world seem to be adjusting their ways.

Here come the stats...

In a survey conducted last year by a university in the UK, almost 80% of men aged 18-26 who were questioned said they preferred women with an average build and both overweight and underweight were as equally off putting. Their tastes were then put to the test when they were showed head shots of 100 women who varied in size and 88% preferred the look of those boasting a slim yet fit physique.

Heroin chic may still be a huge part of catwalks, but with men and women preferring toned and fit bodies to the uber skinny look, models may soon be swapping their grapefruit and cigarette diets for proper meals and workout sessions!

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