The Truth About Fitness Models

I am a super fitness model. Some are good a writing poetry, at gardening, but I, Jennifer Nicole Lee, am darn good at fitness modeling, its my passion and its an art form that I have been able to master. Do you wonder how I do it? Show up to photo shoots, tight and toned and camera ready-at any angel? I also used to wonder how other female bikini fitness competitors and rare beauty specimens would eat, how train, and what they do on a day in day out basis to always be bikini ready? Being a top fitness bikini competitor and super fitness bikini model, I know the secrets of a bikini model, and I cant wait to share the with you! But you have to understand that its the bikini model diet, the bikini model workout, and the bikini model exercises that you must do to get female fat loss fast, and to lose weight fast, speedy enough for a bikini photo shoot the next week. If you want to be in Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, or just do local bikini modeling you must click here now:

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