A Bikini Model'sGuide to Beautifying Your Body For Valentines Day

By Angelique Millis

Bikini Models all around the world agree that Valentine's is the perfect occasion to indulge in some of the best that beauty has to offer.

Whether you're glamming it up for your hot date or getting ready for a night on the town with your best girlfriends, here are some of the industry's top beauty tips to have you looking and feeling gorgeous on Valentines Day- Bikini Model Style!

Hair -Always make sure to use products that will not weigh your hair down. If you are going for a free-flowing, natural style, simply curl your hair with rollers and run your fingers through afterwards for a voluminous yet relaxed finish. If you want to go a glam it up, tie your hair into a loose bun and accessorize with a jeweled clip or headband.

Make-up - Getting dolled up for Valentines Day is something Bikini Models look forward to because they know what "looks", colors and products work for them which makes it a breeze to whip up a glamorous Valentines Day worthy look whether they have 5 or 20 minutes. If you have all the right tools and techniques, the rest is just a matter of practice! To begin with, there are some essentials that every aspiring Bikini Model™ can't live without- Loose Mineral Powder, Mascara and Lip Gloss to name a few! The key is to learn how to perfect a beauty regimine that works for you- More details on the Bikini Model 5-Minute Face and the Bikini Model "Glamathon" are available at www.BikiniModelProgram.com

Body: Give your body a little TLC this V-Day. Your skin is your largest organ and if you are going for a Bikini Body, skincare is essential. Make sure to exfoliate, moisturize & tan.  In fact, did you know that you can "tan" off up to ten pounds? www.BikiniModelProgram.com contains lots of lwell-kept beauty secrets starting with how to get that glowing, youthful Bikini Model complexion and teaches you how to banish cellulite for good!

Fragrances - Finally, spritz yourself with  an alluring perfume that has seductive ingredients such as jasmine, myrrh and vanilla.

Create a beauty regiment like a Bikini Model™- Your hair, skin and face look and represent the ultimate look of health.

Before you know it, you will look like a Bikini Model™- Not only will you turn heads, but you will break necks.

If you are looking for a complete beauty & wellness program to transform your life and take your physique to the next level, The Bikini Model Program™ will give you all the insight you need in an easy to follow and instantly downloadable guide.  

Get the Bikini Model Look and learn the all the industry's top beauty secrets in Chapter One: The Bikini Model™ Beauty Program:

  • The Bikini Model™ Beauty Essentials
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Tanning Guide
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Teeth Whitening Guide
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Cellulite/Stretch Marks Solutions Guide
  • The Bikini Model™ Shape Sculpting Secrets
  • The Bikini Model™ Cosmetic Procedures
  • The Bikini Model™ Lip Plumpers to Lip Injectables
  • The Bikini Model™ Hair Removal Guide
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Skin Care Guide & Deluxe Dermatology
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Hair Care Guide
  • The Bikini Model™ Program Make-Up Guide
  • Bikini Model™ Beach Ready- Selecting the Best Suit for your Body Type
  • The Bikini Model™  Ultimate Beauty Product List
  • The Bikini Model™ on a Budget

For more information and to download your free report "Build a Bikini Model Body" visit www.BikiniModelProgram.com .

For more information or to read about my weight loss journey and fitness competition preparation, go to www.angeliquemillis.com  and www.bikinimodelprogram.com

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